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Latest Update
11.25 EE / BD 74.8170
Moved Trip / Improved Trip out of custom combat to make it function more to PNP.
Made Trip / Knockdown function to follows 3.5 rules (other was scripted bioware version. (3.5 default). See
hr_inc_spellab & hr_spell_routab scripts (functions ft_SPELL_R_Trip & ft_SPELL_R_Trip2) for more information
Integrated it into NPC AI , it seem it spams it so I put in a base percentage chance(module one, can put percentage on each creature to override) each round to determine if using trip. I did this because it was basically on-hit function(old hard-coded version) so it did damage and tripped / knockdown attempt. / Some creatures have this ability so added on hit version also.
Added Stability_Multi-Leg feat to support this (dwarves get it as a racial feat, make sure to give it to four/more
legged creatures if you use 3.5 system).
This is all in case BD unlocks Trip / disarm / called shot so I can get rid of discipline skill and it a easy transition.
Made all commoners in creature wizard commoner faction instead of hostile.
Update all animal companions up to 5th level.
Update all base familiars up to 5th Level (not improved)
Added in looping function checks for on-enter so internet connection clients will get more stability with setting up characters when joining.
Add in easy sub-routine on-damaged of creatures to fire custom event any percentage of hp. Sample Goblin in
area 001.
Added companion control ability to all PC so you can control henchmen, familars, Animal companions, and
Video link.
Improved group call on traps and locks, set you henchmen how you want to handle locks/traps and when you
group click on a trap the henchmen with the appropriate skill will handle the object. You can use individual calls
to have any henchmen handle the trap / lock.
Put in sample henchmen for testing (need to put in all the basic setting for the conversation.)
Fixed an issue where sorcerers/wizards were not getting access to improved familiar feat.
Fixed some issues with classes not getting bonus feats.(monks new improved trip)
Inserted FOB check for Monk and armor and shields.
Change over all Aquatic native feats etc.. to Water native for easier finding.
Fixed issues where monster were not using bows when they should (AI).
Fixed conversation only firing once.
Moved over PC related heartbeat functions to be on the PC with the new Event function for testing / more
Added support for BD SetObjectVisualTransform for scaling creatures. Just set local float Scale on the creature
for example 2 = 200% .5 = 50% etc...

(On Hold, bug found)Updated cast out animation to hide it even more(using item annoyance)
Updated standard rain to be more rounded and even have a splash back effect on the ground.
Fixed hill giant skinmesh issue around neck.
Added base support for open face helmets (EE)
Added base model for Gloves
Added base model for Boots
Added base model for Belts
Added base model for Bracers
Added Enlarge Person spell (scroll etc..) / Added AI will use spell.
Added Reduce Person spell (scroll etc..) / Added AI will use spell.
Video link.
Fixed some issues with tailmodel.2da not point to the right model name of some of the creatures (example
Updated PDF

More maybe added / changed before release.



  • ShadowMShadowM Member Posts: 571
    Added in hr_trap_xp script for on disarm trap to award XP for disarming the trap.
    You will get xp even if your henchman disarms the trap. Use D&D system where xp is divided by the number of pc and henchmen count as .5 (example 200 xp trap, with 1 pc and 2 henchmen would be 200 / 2 = 100 XP)
    Incorporated henchmen into custom search system(henchmen must to be in detect mode to find traps/secrets)

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