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Chat logging filled errors, no longer working in EE

SankisSankis Member Posts: 3
I've been playing on a persistent world for years now and something I like to do is keep a log of chat so that I can look back at it later if I need to.

Unfortunately, on or around the time the server transitioned to the EE my nwclientLog1.txt has begun to consist solely of this:

Error: 40964
Error: 40964
Error: 40964
*** ValidateGFFResource sent by user.
*** ValidateGFFResource sent by user.

I've tried a number of things to fix it, deleting the nwnplayer.ini, deleting my old pre-EE install, restarting my pc, reinstalling the game, verifying integrity on steam, etc

Nothing has worked and I'm at my wit's end. Worse, I've searched for this on google and this forum and can't find anyone else who has the same issue. Has anyone here had this occur and managed to fix it? What did you do?

Thank you ahead of time as this has been annoying me for some time.


  • nivniv Member, Moderator, Developer Posts: 410
    Edit your nwnplayer.ini (for windows, it's in ~/Documents/Neverwinter Nights) and make sure the following entries are set (they all default to off, even on 1.69):

    [Game Options]

    and maybe even

    Death Logging=1

    Let us know if that solved it, please.
  • SankisSankis Member Posts: 3
    Huh! That did it. For some reason ClientChatLogging=1 on its own didn't work but having having ClientEntireChatWindowLogging also set to 1 made it work.

    Jeez I feel dumb right now. I never even considered turning that on as I so rarely used it in 1.69

    Thank you so much!
  • DeviC3DeviC3 Member Posts: 25
    Hi, I have same problem. In my ini file I enabled this functions and there aren any chat logging in folder /logs.
    I've retarted server, and change other options and nothing happens with chat logging.
  • ZigiZigi Member Posts: 1
    Hello there!
    Being new to hosting a server I'm stuck with this problem... I have a Nwn EE server running on Linux atm, and I'd like to have a chat log of all that is said for the DM's.
    I know this is possible but I have no clue how to "activate" it.

    I've tried to add ClientChatLogging=1 and ClientEntireChatWindowLogging=1 in the nwplayer.ini file but nothing changed and I can't find a chatlog or clientlog file anywhere. Just a Server log and no chats logged in it (I've tried).
    Did I miss something ?
  • TheDoctor165TheDoctor165 Member Posts: 4

    I too am experiencing this problem. I set all three switches:

    [Game Options]
    Death Logging=1

    Still a file full of

    *** ValidateGFFResource sent by user.
    *** ValidateGFFResource sent by user.

    Error: 40964
    Error: 40964
    Error: 40964

    followed by

    [Wed Jun 7 21:54:02]Server Starting Up: 10 Second Heartbeat logging has been disabled
    [Wed Jun 7 21:54:02]---- Server Options ----
    Max Players: 6
    Char Levels: (1-40)
    Player Password: NO
    DM Login Enabled: NO
    Server Admin Login Enabled: YES
    Post Game To Internet: YES
    Game Type: Action
    Difficulty: 1
    PVP Setting: PARTY
    Vault: LOCAL
    Only One Party: YES
    Enforce Legal Characters: NO
    Item Level Restrictions: NO
    Player pausing: ENABLED
    Auto Reload When Empty: On
    Auto Save: Enabled
    Saving Characters in Saved Game
    ---- End Server Options ----
    Your cryptographic public identity is: s3DS3FdPtuJrm3vnrc0s85mpYHfZeHFk0UGt1FcqmE0=
    [Wed Jun 7 21:54:02] TheDoctor165 [] () Joined as Server Admin 1
    [Wed Jun 7 21:54:02] TheDoctor165 () Joined as Player 1
    [Wed Jun 7 21:54:02] Loading Module: Test

    before the long list of *** ValidateGFFResource sent by user.
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