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general questions (possible spoilers)

galahad1313galahad1313 Member Posts: 34
I haven't played NWN in eons till i bought the EE version recently so I apologize if this has been asked before but i had a few questions and I can't seem to find any decent answers and will keep as spoiler free as possible.

I've been scouring various sites about best Paladin gear and no one seems to agree and my not understanding 3rd edition rules(or any D&D rules other than the basics) I can't decide what's better. I'm currently using full plate +3 but some people rave about Balduran's armor. While it does offer nice bonuses for a paladin, is it worth losing 2AC?

2)wth is that top you find used for? I just can't seem to remember.

3) again people are raving about this "holy shield" but I don't see how the 1 feat(which would better suit a cleric) is better than my Imaskari tower shield which offers magic res.

I mostly just improvise on gear and pick w/e happens to drop as random loot which seems to be better than what I have but these are kinda confusing me a tad. thnx and happy gaming.
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  • SuperFunHappySuperFunHappy Member Posts: 44
    I too haven't played in a while so I don't know if you are referring to OC or SOTU + HOTU.

    Spell resistance is useless because higher level spell casters will pretty much always beat the level of spell resistance on the item you have. Spell resistance is only useful if you are going up against low level spell casters. And even if your enemy is a low level spell caster chances are you can beat them without having to rely on resisting the spells they cast on you. At least that is my view on the subject.

    When it comes to AC here is my opinion. If you are heavily reliant on it like carrying a shield, wearing heavy armour and investing in tumble it is best that you don't have any items that reduce AC. If you dual wield or carry a two handed weapon you can afford to lose AC.
  • galahad1313galahad1313 Member Posts: 34
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    thnx for the response, took it into consideration and adjusted accordingly.

    Now a new question. I don't remember if I used CoT advanced class or not when I last played. As a paladin 16/fighter 4 taking CoT means losing my heavy armor and I'm not fond of that as my dex is low and I have no clue about any good med armors i could use in place of my dragon armor. I've read a few guides and am not convinced I want to go CoT rather than simply sticking with paladin and/or more fighter levels. And since I'm asking so many questions lol, who upgraded the holy avenger with Rizolvir and what did you upgrade?
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  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,653
    I've played a lot of NWN, and my experience has been that nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, trumps AC. Once you get AC over 35, (and preferably over 40 by the end game), the monsters can't touch you. You might as well be Superman. The chance for a few extra points damage from wielding a two-hander or dual wielding is not worth giving up a shield, in my opinion. It doesn't matter how fast they go down when they can't even scratch you.

    Add in Protection from Evil, which grants immunity to mind-affecting spells, and items granting immunity to death spells (usually the belt), and some elemental resistance (rings usually, especially the Ring of Helm in the OC), and you're pretty close to invulnerable.
  • SuperFunHappySuperFunHappy Member Posts: 44
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    You can sort of get away with damage focus builds if you can use Stoneskin but I agree. AC is great.

    Sorry to answer the original questions. I don't understand what you meant when you said losing heavy armour. Are you talking about proficiency?

    I've never beat SOTU - HOTU with a Paladin but as far as I am aware that weapon can be upgraded just like any other weapon so I will post what enhancements I put on my primary weapon.

    When I upgraded my weapon I aimed for enchantment (obviously) and acid damage. The final boss the devil guy is weak to acid damage. I took true sight so I could deal with the annoying shadow dancer enemy who carries the bow. I never bothered with haste as there are haste items in I think boots and armour, can't remember.
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