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Apologies and amusement

GridianGridian Member Posts: 50

First, it seems that I managed to offend several people with my last topic (farming forum badges, which I will not link due to the offense (and partly because I don't know how)), for which I hereby offer my apologies. Even though this topic has a humorous touch the apology is honest and serious. I did not see any harm, at the time it even seemed like an amusing idea - something to share a laugh over.
As the first lesson of any communications professional goes: It does not matter how you mean something you say, do or communicate otherwise, it only matters how that something is being understood by everyone else. In this case, those are obviously quite far apart.

On the second part of the title:
I even got a PM that I should be ashamed, and the posts - even the fact that it was locked - greatly amused me. I would NEVER have guessed how completely my intention might get misunderstood, and it is that complete misunderstanding which made me laugh quite hardly while reading the topic.

Obviously this is one of the many situations in which my humor is quite incompatible with that of the majority (I supress some 80% of all humorous remarks that go through my mind in general because of that incompatibility). Out of respect for you guys I will not repeat that mistake and ask you all again to accept my apologies and no hard feelings.

To end this post in the only way I want it to end:




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