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Is Safana bugged???

MonotremataMonotremata Member Posts: 76
So, I just added Safana to my party preparing to dual class Imoen.. Right when she joined she had a level up to 5 waiting, so I did it and gave her 1 slot in short bows and bumped her find traps and pick locks up to 75 each. Gave her the extra short bow my main character was carrying, its nothing special at all just a regular short bow, and when I equip it Safana gets this magical -20 to AC and THACO and she gets a +99 to damage with the bow???? Seems the normal arrows she's firing are also becoming fire arrows?? WTF?? She's now my most powerful character in the game only 2 minutes after joining. I just cleared the entire Peldvale map in like 5 minutes because she is literally one shot explode-critting EVERYTHING we come across. I take it theres some glitch going on with her, at least in my save game?? Should I take advantage of this and go run everything I can to get cheap XP for Imoen while she can clear a group of anything by herself in like 20 seconds?? Im gonna have to go take on that Ogre Mage under the Firewine Bridge real quick haha.

Oh and in case it matters, Im running whatever the latest GoG version is. I think it just recently updated to 2.3.67B?


  • BubbBubb Member Posts: 803
    Sounds like the Godbow cheat, (you get the bow by pressing the "GODBOW" button in the cheat menu, accessed by pressing ctrl+space). Maybe you added it to your inventory and then forgot about it?

  • MonotremataMonotremata Member Posts: 76
    edited May 2018
    OOOOOOOOOOOH that explains it hahahaha! I tried pushing all those buttons the other day and it didn't look like they did anything at all haha. That explains why this bow looks different than every other short bow and why when I put any other weapon on her everything goes back to normal hahaha. Oh man, she just wasted the whole bandit camp by herself pretty much in just a couple minutes. It took more time to load all the hut interiors than it did for her to wipe them all out. Ok at least I know my game isn't corrupted and Im gonna have to start over. I had that happen when I finally got to the end of BG2 waaaaaay back when it came out and Im still mad about it!

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