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Which class would you prefer to solo IWD:EE with?

Rik_KirtaniyaRik_Kirtaniya Member Posts: 1,509
I just completed a solo Dragon Disciple run of IWD:EE yesterday, after I left my solo Ranger/Cleric playthrough in the middle (since the latter became too easy after a certain point). Soloing IWD:EE was a fun experience for me, definitely do-able, though not easy. And comparing both of my solo playthroughs, it seems that each class gives a completely different flavour to a solo run. Completely different tactics, equipments, and play-styles. And it's a completely different and unique experience than a full-party run.

Now, if you were to solo IWD:EE or have already soloed it (in either Normal mode or Heart of Fury mode), which class or classes would you prefer to play with?

Also, if you were asked to select only among single-classes (that is, not multi-classes or double-classes), which one would you have chosen for a solo?



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