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Hi new guy here

Hi i am new here . I really want to play but lot of things are still not inderstandable . I will ask a lot of question and answers really help me understanding this game .

1.i am now a fighter and now want to become a mage but remember a mage cant wear armoe . Soooooo how does dual class works ? to ressurect dead companion ?
3.what does THACO and 1d10 mean ?
4.os there a way to become armored mage ? Like seravok ? there a permanent boost ? Mamy youtibe video show solo player with 6 stat boost like anti fear , magic resistance and so on .
6.does alignment affect the game ? I dont see the effect .
7.does the quest has timeline ? I not comfortable with it . Reminds me of xcom 2 redbar . Man what a pain the character menu there is "customize" and "export" . Can someone tell me what does this do ?

Sorry if i ask a lot . I am afaraid someone will pissed off if i ask vonstantly so thought why not ask many many question .

So yeah once again . Thanks

Ps . Greetings from indonesia .

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