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Hard Crash - Joining Multiplayer Server

GerardosGerardos Member Posts: 1
Hi, trying to join an multiplayer server on my Dell Laptop Inspirion 7000 Series. Keeps "crashing hard" and minimises the game screen after I select character and try to log in to play. Need to close game in task manager.
Have tried disabling firewall and it makes no difference.
Using Intel HD Graphics 620.

I've tried rebooting machine and nothing changes.
Error is always the same. Doesn't occur when I started a single player game.
Using CEP 2.4
Using Mulmaster Server HAK files.
Game Version 74.8166

Anyone got any tips or advise? From a Google search, I see many others have had this same issue, but I can't find a resolution thus far in my searches.

Content of Error Log is:
=== Crash
What you see below is debug info that will help us fix a crash you have
encountered. Please create a new public ticket for NWN on

and attach all of it. This will help us figure out what went wrong.
We can fix issues best when you include all relevant info that led to
this crash so we can reproduce it - the more the better.

Thank you.
=== Props
target = nwmain
time = 1527115338
exception = c0000005
g_sBuildNumber = 8166
g_sVersionNumber = 1, 0, 0, 0
&GenericCrashHandler = 0118D2E0
=== Backtrace
=== Minidump


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