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Big problem to gift a game for a diff region

ricoyungricoyung Member Posts: 81
I don't get it, Why is it so impossible to send as a gift NWNEE to someone from another region from me? (can't even send a gift card through steam) I tried steam (fuggetaboutit) and then thru Beamdog where is allowed to send to an Email address, but keep getting error:
Unfortunately we cannot process your payment at this time
Transaction number

Now I'm no Sales/Marketing genius by a long shot, but I would think that this just might reduce sales to a degree, I myself wanted to buy 2 copies for friends in other regions.
IMO considering this game is in the online world...encompasses the whole world, one would think this would have been made a non-issue by now.
Signed, Frustrated
UPDATE: Went shopping this morning, my card (I used for purchase @BD) has been blocked, could not use for some reason so this could be the problem am having at BD purchase...Have to wait till Monday though to find out why. *It's always something, one hurdle after another :/
UPDATE UPDATE: My Bank blocked the Beamdog purchase (always looking out for me :) and they didnt know why because is listed as a USA business (my bank will block foreign) anyways got them to unblock and was able to make gift purchases, needless to say, the recipients were very happy. Yahoo! Thank you Beamdog ;)

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