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Solo Multiplayer Help BG1Win7

Peter_PaladinPeter_Paladin Member Posts: 15
So I wanted to make a Multiplayer party in Bg1 (Original, Not enhanced) with my friends and family using Windows 7 and TCP/IP, but when I click either "New Game" OR "Load Game", the Game crashes and the Task Manager identifies the program status an "Not Responding". Solo TCP/IP Multiplayer works on Bg2 perfectly. I am rather a noob, so any help would be quite appreciated.


  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 6,531
    If you're talking about setting up a MP party on a single computer that should certainly be possible. Does BG1 play alright in SP?

    You could consider the following:
    - install the game outside the Program files location, e.g. c:\games\BG1.
    - try different compatibility settings (right-click the short-cut to the programme and select properties and then compatibility).

  • Peter_PaladinPeter_Paladin Member Posts: 15
    Yes, that actually is what I was talking about, I did not realize until now that I was rather vague, sorry about that. The second one did not work, and the first is not a very good option for me, since their are some mods in place that stop the game from crashing at a specific point (I don't remember where). Are there any other possible fixes?

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 6,531
    Does the game work in SP?

    I'm a bit surprised you've modded original BG1. Are you definitely playing with the BG1 engine (as opposed to using Tutu or BGT to play in the BG2 engine)?

    You could check that your anti-virus is not blocking the program.

  • Peter_PaladinPeter_Paladin Member Posts: 15
    edited May 2018
    What do you mean by "SP"? I googled it, but couldn't find the answer. I am definitely using the bg1 engine. By your anti-virus not blocking the program, would adding it to "game mode" in the anti-virus (where it says no interruptions to the programs on the list) work? I feel that I should mention that when the game crashes, it either cuts to desktop in the resolution used by baldur's gate with no mouse control, but the hotkeys still work, or the screen is just black, with slightly lighter black where the game screen would normally be. Also, I tried running it in the suggested mode (Windows XP service pack 2, also the default setting) and in windows 7 mode. (By Right-Clicking the shortcut, Properties, Comparability). I also tried running it in Administrator Mode. I feel like the answer is just this far away. Quite frustrating.

  • lolienlolien Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,101
    For the sake of completion SP can either refer to South Park or a performer in our country. But i'm sure that @Grond0 used it here as short for Single Player.

  • Peter_PaladinPeter_Paladin Member Posts: 15
    Oh, duh. Why didn't I think of that?

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