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[Linux] NWN EE runs as LXC application container

TrustrygTrustryg Member Posts: 6
Hi all,

nice, with just a few settings NWN EE can run inside of an application container, something I've never even tried with the old version due to the slightly fragile configuration with mouse and movie plug-ins.

If anyone's interested, here's what I needed to do (after creating a container with all the necessary libraries etc.):

export DISPLAY=:0 # display wasn't set in my container by default
export PULSE_SERVER= # forward sound to pulseaudio server outside of container
cd .../bin/linux-x86 # cd to nwmain binary file
./nwmain-linux # start NWN

Regards, Trustryg

I started setting up the container to be able to run xeyes first and mplayer after that, to be able to check the "sub-functionalities" X11 and sound.

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