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NWN:EE not using CC after reinstalling

AnatidaAnatida Member Posts: 6
My first time on Windows 10 and I installed NWN:EE about a week after its release. After getting more familiar with Windows 10 and learning what OneDrive was I realized I did not want the custom content folder on OneDrive (which is where it installed by default).

I have tried everything - I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and Beamdog Client MULTIPLE times, and I can not get nwmain.exe to recognize the custom content folder located @ C:\Users\dever\Documents\Neverwinter Nights. It never asks for a location to setup this folder. It only asks for the location to install the Beamdog Library files.

The aliases in the nwn.ini file look correct: LOGS=C:\Users\dever\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\logs

The game is not using my ini files (It did previously).
- It will not use WindowedMode
- It does not perform ChatWindowLogging or if it does I can not find where it is placing the logs.
- It does not use custom portraits in the \portraits folder

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