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My toolset is at 1.74, how do I get it to 1.75?

Dreadlord_AnwynDreadlord_Anwyn Member Posts: 48
edited June 2018 in Builders - Toolset

Im not sure what happened here, but when the game first updated to 1.75 my toolset and game version were in sync when I went back to building my module. I had done some fixes to stuff and did area adding, and put it on the server exe and ran through it to see the new areas. Then I ran through some PWs to see if my intel crash bug was still happening. I subscribed to some workshop items while doing this to be able to log into a couple of these worlds. The crash bug still was happening for me though.

So, the next day, I do some more area adding like I did the day before, and put up my server like I did the day before, and my own server was greyed to me. So, I checked the build version on my toolset and it said 1.74 - this puzzled me immensely. Well, I went through this process then. I updated my beamdog version. I uninstalled my steam version and re-installed it, I removed my subscriptions, and I uninstalled my beamdog version. I then went out to do stuff. I just checked this morning and the toolset is still 1.74 while my game exe is 1.75.

Anyone out there who can tell me how to get my toolset back to 1.75?


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