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Anyone here from Diablo 3 ????



  • TJ_HookerTJ_Hooker Member Posts: 2,438

    Role-playing game without role-playing is not an RPG. That's just logical. As I recall even in some Diablo 2 reviews, there were statements that game is not RPG and you shouldn't treat it as such, if you want to fully enjoy the game. Not to mention articles in game magazines that were stating reasons, why Diablo 2 can't be conisdered role-playing game. Seriously, as much as I enjoy playing all of Diablo games, I won't consider it as pure rpgs. Sorry, but no.

    If you have any idea what this new term can be, then please share with it, it could be interesting. I mean it.

    Yeah, I agree that a game shouldn't be called an RPG if it doesn't actually contain roleplaying, I was was just trying to say that at this point sticking to that rule may be fighting a losing battle.

  • killeahkilleah Member Posts: 124
    I'm still playing D3 from time to timei, mostly with 3 of my RL freinds. Which is still enjoyable to an extend, the strategy concerning certain rare packs, the course to take in order to maximize your effort. And the various combinations of skills and abillities possible once you mix classes.

    However, we're close to a point of fed upness. The repetitive behaviour of the game is too unrewarding in the long run, and grinding gold never was as fun as fixed loottables, which lead to plans on how to get this or recieve that.

    Now I've convinced two of them to preorder BG:EE, one played it all the way back in 1999, the other is new to the game, and I've hyped them enough to anticipate the launch tomorrow, hopefully we'll have a MP session going already this weekend.

    I never got to play BG - MP back in the days, due to unfreindly and unstable behaviour, and limited lan access with freinds, so looking forward to bring the most awesome ad&d setting on PC into the fray of hardboiled MP combat/tactics/discussions on skype

    Yes yes!!

  • BlackRazorBlackRazor Member Posts: 5
    edited November 2012
    Story is bad. (There are fillers, then there are BAD stories, which is worse) "professions" are way too simple. Gameplay gets old after 5 hours. What else? Real money auction house, rly... and lag spikes everywhere. Even the rainbow level is crap. Just IMO dont want to interrupt your conversation.

  • MungriMungri Member Posts: 1,645
    I cancelled my pre order for the Diablo 3 CE after playing the beta, I just knew it was bad.

    I've just gotten back into playing Sacred 2 over the last week and love that game and the first one immensely. Also I just bought Torchlight II on the 50% off steam sale, but I wont be playing it yet as I'm still playing Sacred 2, DAO, and now BGEE is out soon :(

  • BytebrainBytebrain Member Posts: 602
    What's wrong with the term "Hack & Slash" for games like Diablo?
    It's an accepted way to describe games like that.

    I just don't know why people started calling that type of games "Action RPG's".
    That's not what the first Diablo was billed as either.

  • CheesebellyCheesebelly Member Posts: 1,727
    As far as I can put it, every game with a role playing aspect is a Role Playing game. Yeah, even sports game.
    I have no problem whatsoever calling Diablo an RPG. What's up with this pride of protecting the RPG name in the first place? There are so many horrible RPGs out there, if the Diablo series was in the list, it would raise the RPG's name by a bit. It is how it is.

  • BytebrainBytebrain Member Posts: 602
    I guess you're right, and I'm just being a cranky old man about it, but I've lately have had the "pleasure" of trying to answer questions on my favorite forums from people who ask about BG:EE. Most questions start something like this:
    "how does it compare to RPG's like Diablo/Torchlight/insert your Hack&Slash iOS game here/", and it's getting a bit tiresome to explain the humongous difference in a game like Baldur's Gate and a hack & slash game.

    I'll get some sleep now, and wake up happy and contend that the day of BG:EE have arrived at last, and leave all crankiness behind. :)

  • CheesebellyCheesebelly Member Posts: 1,727
    @Bytebrain : Oh, I understand that feeling entirely. But it's not easy to compare two different tastes. In my case, I would have a much easier time comparing Diablo to Dragon Age. The dynamic is similar actually!

    Baldur's Gate is quite more complex and therefore the mainstream which plays games like Diablo, will ask for a comparison with that game. God forbid, if they asked to compare it with a shooter though!

  • BytebrainBytebrain Member Posts: 602
    Lol. You're right at that. :)

  • OurQuestIsVainOurQuestIsVain Member Posts: 201
    This is kind of funny because I was talking to some friends the other day about the exact definition of an RPG...Role Playing any game where you play the role of somebody else? Technically that would make Halo an RPG as you are playing the role of master chief...Just thought I'd share that bit of funny, I'm not saying that is what an RPG actually is. It is probably different for different people. On the matter of Diablo I would describe it as an ActionRPG, but that is just how I describe that type of game when I'm talking to people, and they usually understand what I'm talking about when I use that term.

  • MungriMungri Member Posts: 1,645
    edited November 2012
    Far Cry and Crysis must be RPGs because you play the role of the protagonist.

    I thought RPGs were games where you adventure, level up, distribute stats and customize your characters in lots of diferent ways. Theres even some 'hack n slash' games I really really liked like Sacred 1 + 2 because although all you do is run around clicking on and killing enemies, you have exploration, character building with an immense amount of customization and lots of classes, and also lots of lovely gear grinding mechanics. Normally I dont like gear grinding, but when nice stuff drops like candy in the sacred games, its really fun to farm for stuff too.

    The reason I didnt like D3 was because when I played it, it felt nowhere near as good as ether Sacred or Torchlight. I though Diablo games were meant to be the best in that type of genre, but no. not for me.

  • CLsdlt80CLsdlt80 Member Posts: 72
    To be quite honest, I've enjoyed D3 so far. It's going to get bigger and better with the expansions, I believe. I take the game for what it is, I'm not expecting a RPG experience, just a fun hack'n slash game with character development. I'm not going to compare D3 with it's predecesors yet, since I feel the game is still unfinished.

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