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New PW: Gamma World

SimonFerociousSimonFerocious Member Posts: 1
I'm in the process of making a PW loosely based off the Gamma World setting. It's still in the early stages, but it's playable. So far there isn't much to do, but I spend about two hours a day adding new content and scripting new systems. It does use CEP and only human fighters are allowed, but there will still be build diversity once I flesh out the mutation system.

The systems completed so far:
Hunger, thirst, and fatigue
Survival and primitive crafting system
Player corpse system and cloner respawn system (like Fallen Earth)
Passive and active mutations - only 4 so far, but they're working
Lootable corpses and animal harvesting
Spearfishing and hunting, plus you can forage and scavenge anywhere
Some other stuff I forgot

To Do:
Faction based PvP
Artifacts and tinkering
Scrap metal crafting
Books, drugs, and possibly an herbology skill
Some other stuff I forgot (probably)

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