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NWN:EE on Arch Linux


I am running Arch Linux and I'm considering buying NWN:EE. So as I understand there already is NWN:EE Linux Native version correct? However, setting the game up on Arch will it be difficult and can I get some help when I need it?

I have played NWN GOG Diamond version on my system, but it was easy cause there is an install script in AUR. But for NWN:EE there is none I just checked.

Thanks :smile:


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    Alright. I already bought the game cause I couldn't rely on anyone to reply me in here :P and I was a little impatient!

    Just some notes for any Arch users stumbling here:

    This is what I needed to install from community repo: lib32-gconf, or the beamdogClient.AppImage wouldn't launch up. Then I logged in, currently downloading my game. So far so good!

    o:)EDIT July 5 - 2018, today I got SSD and reinstalled whole Arch. Was reading this thread again, and just installing lib32-gconf - it was not enough. Here are all the dependencies which are needed to launch the beamdogClient.AppImage file


    then do `chmod +x beamdogClient.AppImage` double click to launch, or launch from terminal with `./beamdogClient.AppImage`

    Have fun :)


    Edit: Alright! The entire install was so easy, so fluent :D Beamdog has done great job! My game is running nicely, I can't believe it was that easy.

    Edit2: I wanted to share my appreciation. And to let other Arch users know this is awesome.

    The game will startup and run faster than the GOG version (native) on Arch linux, which is mind blow!

    And some more curious parts:

    /home/user/.local/share/Neverwinter Nights <- here you will install tlk, haks etc.
    /home/user/Beamdog Library/00785 <- here is where Beamdog installs NWN by default, like steam library.

    I guess this is all for now :D Beamdog has gone beyond with NWN:EE, it really is awesome.
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    My preferred way of installing NWN:EE on Arch Linux (in 2020) is through steam. It's super easy! You don't even have to run the actual steam app in order to run the game.

    This short guide is how to get NWN running without having to log into steam to play the game:

    1. Install Steam & NWN
    2. `sudo pacman -S lib32-openal` (required dependency to launch NWN without steam)
    3. CD into: /home/user/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Neverwinter Nights/bin/linux-x86
    4. `chmod +x ./nwmain-linux`
    5. Launch nwn by typing ./nwmain-linux into terminal

    These days NWN:EE uses nwsync, so all the .tlk .hak will be downloaded automatically from the server you are connecting to! You don't really need to download files such as CEP via your browser.

    The performance difference between Win10 and (arch) Linux is too huge! On my Arch the game is extremely snappy, no micro stuttering ever. All the graphics settings were bumped to the max by default! On Win10 this was not the case for me, it was "fine - oki.." but nothing like the performance I am having now on Arch.
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