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"Call of the Wild Mage" Stuck

BarachielBarachiel Member Posts: 48
I've found all the ingredients for her spell, but I can't get her dialog at rest to trigger so the quest can advance. I'v made it all the way to the Fugue Plane area, rested several times, and she won't do anything. I don't know how to complete this quest.

EDIT: Okay, when I got the Castle basement, she freaked out and declared she was making the potion at the next rest stop, no matter how many ingredients we have. It's acting like I've missed one, but I haven't. *headscratch*

EDIT 2: Issue resolved. I added the Turnip Juice to my inventory with EE Keeper, and suddenly it fixed itself. The flag must not have tripped when I got it from Wilhemina the first time. Or I reloaded to a point before I'd gotten it by accident and not noticed.

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