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Dual/multi Sorcerer?

Oldschool BG player here. I know that multiclass wasn't available for Sorcs in Original, and this was a hardcoded limit that no modders (to my recollection) ever got around.

What about now? Is there any way to dual or multi class with Sorcerers in BG/BG2EE? And, if not, are there any mods/EEkeeper tricks available to either allow Sorc multiclassing, or to allow "spontaneous" casting for Mages (similar to the quasi-sorcerous "Spell Slot" system in 5e, which dumps rigid Vancian spell prep for a far more enjoyable hybrid system)?



  • Phoenix_VIIPhoenix_VII Member Posts: 1
    I'm not familiar enough with EEKeeper to answer that but, I know that there isn't a way to dual- or multi-class a sorcerer in BGEE/BG2EE and I haven't found any mods that'd allow you to. I think it's just too hardcoded.

  • NoloirNoloir Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 241
    No. Game crashes when dual crashing Sorc with EEKeeper. Best thing I can recommend is dual classing mage with specific level values and adding sequencers as innate abilities. Either that and or modding the character's casting speed with NearInfinity.

  • minsc4prezminsc4prez Member Posts: 97
    I know there are some custom kits out there that kind of do this. I've been wanting a Sorcerer that can wield a two hander and wear armor myself, so i added "use any item" to him and gave hime a fews tics in two handed weap and swords

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