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Durlag's Tower Entry to level 3 Help!

Hi all

I have BG EE downloaded on my tablet. I am currently on level 2 of Durlag's tower unable to get down,
As far as I know the ward stone to level 2 is in the statue in temple room before the long corridor filled with guests leading to the false level 3 staircase and the closed door.

Now, two issues. I am unable to disarm any of the traps in that room so first I get the fire cloud (I'm sure the name is wrong) upon entering and whenever I try to take the wardstone from the statue, it triggers another trap with explosive fire arrows which results in death because the arrows won't stop until the person dies.

Ignoring the fact someone is dead, I pick is the wardstone from their body and walk towards the door hoping they will now open. And here is my problem. They won't. I've seen many walkthroughs and the door opened when they went toward Kiel's grave with four drwarfs. Then the door opened. There was no notification or anything, it just opened.

Here I am walking back and fourth trying to get down without ideas on what to do next.

Anything anyone?

Many thanks



  • MathsorcererMathsorcerer Member Posts: 2,528
    Do you have a way of checking the items in your inventory with a third party program like EEKeeper or NearInfinity? If so, make sure you have item "misc2g". If you can't check your inventory that way, then if the stone is identified its description should state "it is empowered to reveal a hidden passage that descends further into the dungeon's depths".

  • laadynaadinrlaadynaadinr Member Posts: 3
    I just figured it out. Imoen was only 5k exp away from leveling up so I rested few times, doppelgangers kept appearing so she leveled up. I managed to disarm all traps.
    Regarding the door, I was always giving up after first try when it was saying LOCKED. when clicked on it again, de door opened.

    Puzzle solved.

    Many thanks!


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