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NWN:EE - Character Valut

HunterRayder93HunterRayder93 Member Posts: 266
In the 22nd live stream, or asked about the fact if it was possible, improve or fix the character evaluates for the multyplayer (PW) and the single player also.

Because I said this, I noticed that if you want to recreate a character on a PW for example Salvation or Ravenlof: PoTM, when you delete the character, as I understand from the various GMs the name remains in the system and if you try to recreate the character with the exact name the system automatically expels you from the server because you remember that the name was already used previously, to "pass this problem" is added a space to the name or surname of the character you want to recreate.

For this I wanted to ask if it was possible to fix or improve the caracter Evaluation for PW or multyplayer, so that if you want to recreate a PG or simply redo the build would allow people to use the names they prefer, without having to go to compromises.

So it would be useful to remove the restriction to the character valut not being able to create more than one page with the same name or to prevent the system from remembering the name even after the character has been deleted or no longer exists on the server.

The other thing that is always linked to the character Evaluation and an alleged bug dating back to before the release of NWN: EE a bug already present in 1.69 the list of characters created by the player in single player does not work properly, and shows some pre-generated characters existing in addition to those created by the player.

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