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Baldurs gate Manual

I would say off Topic, but it's not really. How many of you guys still have one of these bad boys?



  • ronaldoronaldo Member Posts: 241
    Still have it here. Mine has a ring binding though.

  • the_sexteinthe_sextein Member Posts: 583
    edited June 26
    I took a shot of all 5 game manuals. My SOA book is also the ring bound version. The original Baldur's Gate manual is pretty beefy in it's own way.

  • NecroscopeNecroscope Member Posts: 36
    edited July 5
    Best part of opening the old boxes. Five CD folder for BG1 and a nice well made manual that has lasted 20 years. Don't see that anymore.

  • QuickbladeQuickblade Member Posts: 569
    I pre-ordered BG2 as a collector's edition, one of only two games I've ever pre-ordered, and I still have the manual floating around somewhere, definitely not thrown away.

    Not sure what happened to my ToB manual.

    When I got BG1 (after BG2, though I HAD played a bit of BG1 on my sister's then-boyfriend's computer), I got it with some combo BG1+TotSC, I recognize the BG1 manual, but don't remember seeing a TotSC manual.

    I also have the Prima Strategy Guide for BG2.

    Still have my game disks, in fact my ToB disk jewelcase is the top item on the pile right next to my mousepad right now.

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