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NPC Project Shar-Teel romance help needed

XanatosXanatos Member Posts: 47
First time NPC Project user. I installed almost everything.

Long story short, Shar-Teel is the only option for romance in my current evil playthrough. Which is fine, she seems challenging and unique. But after the first conversation, I've tried most of the responses and the best I can get it "Fair Enough" as a conclusion. After some testing and a lot of resting I flat out could not get another conversation to happen. After changing dialogue intervals to 15 minutes I did get some one sided dialogue about her massaging PC's back too hard, but I didn't see that in the Romance guide.

My game is a little weird, I can't force dialogue with party members even though I installed that portion, and my CLUACONSOLE doesn't recognize global commands. But thats not my main concern for playability at the moment.

Using EEKeeper I was able to pull the global values for Shar-Teel interactions (see attached image). Does this look normal or did I mess something up? If someone has the time to explain to me what each of these means (so I can use that knowledge for future efforts) that would be great too, any advice would help though. Thanks guys.

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