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Missing Talk Table for online

Wall3tWall3t Member Posts: 32
edited July 5 in Technical Support
So i recently purchased NWN EE and went to go play on no hak servers. it seems i am missing a large chunk of the required files including a talk table just to get on these servers.

I dont know how EE works exactly, but 1.69 i never ran into these sort of issues before. If you were missing a talk table normally you'd get provided with one to play on the server.

I'd guess this is the same thing but im pretty sure no hak pw's like Arelith don't require custom talk tables that I am aware of, I can connect to it in 1.69 just fine. Any suggestions?


  • VeszrakVeszrak Member Posts: 1
    edited July 7
    I am actually in the same boat. I have seen that the auto download for content like talk tables has not been implemented on the enhanced edition. I would recommend to go to the sever's forums/website (most servers will have one) and see if you can't get a hold of someone who can assist you with getting the files for that server.

  • Wall3tWall3t Member Posts: 32
    Okay great because i actually figured this one out! apparently what happened is on Steam all the subscribed content transfers over to the beamdog nwn except for tlk's. So you'll have to locate the workshop steam sub folder on your platform and locate the subscribed folders and manually move the tlk's over to the beamdog folder. Somehow there is an issue with it not working correctly, but i dont know why anyone could have just said that to me, it doesnt have to be a secret if it happens to everyone.

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