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HR 11.50A Release notes

ShadowMShadowM Member Posts: 431
Download LINK

Latest Update 11.50A
* Incorporated BD live-stream contest winner portrait (po_exornova) into custom portrait.2da
* Updated Weird spell script to stop TMI error.
* Updated when killing neutral / good commoners to use HR_AdjustAlignment so will not jump alignment.
* Added include "x0_i0_treasure" to hr_ai_load_inc so you can have standard treasure on creatures if you want
to use BD treasure CTG_GenerateNPCTreasure function, Read my comments on treasure there about always
using hr base gold when placing on creatures / placables etc... for loot split system.
* Updated SkinCheck function on NPC spawn to loop for more accurate check.
* Un-commented the function for open face helmets on-equip so it fires. (sorry, it on now)
* Updated pick up items with decipher script to change the description to the alien, archaic etc.. description.
* Updated Items with decipher script check can now also require read magic spell be in effect to read.
Add RM REQ integer 1 to item to require it. Updated read magic spell and skill description to match the
* Added option that secret waypoint can require searcher to be in detect mode (updated HR Secret waypoint
under custom waypoints). DetectModeReq integer 1 to require.
* Added option to toggle hidden usable placables requiring in detect mode also DetectModeReq integer 1 to
* Updated climb placable to have the option to require detect mode, when found auto update their climbing
information so you don't have to examine them again and stop them from pop-up description window. Added all
variable types to samples under custom pallet hr base - climb/jump/pits
* Added toggles for PC hiding helms and hiding cloaks into put in Custom self / Emotes & Information /
Conversation Player information & Emotes / Player settings.
* Added x0_i0_transport include to hr_inc_master for more functions.
* Added two new custom functions related to saving throws.
int HR_GetItemSavingModByType(object oItem,int iType)
int HR_GetSavingTypeModFromItems(object oTarget, int iType)
* Incorporated above functions into HR_SavingThrowCheck function to be a more accurate (still need more work
with effects before incorporate it into everything (spell system for more control over hard coded saving throws).
* Added hr_inc_effects script and moved over most custom effects and added more custom effect functions.
Mostly standard D&D condition effects.
* Added custom function HR_HasEffectByTag
* Added custom function HR_RemoveEffectByTag
*Added custom wrapper effect function effect CustomEffectByTag allow you create a number effect by just
putting it tag name.
* Updated custom effects to use tag system.
* Added custom EffectDeafened that follow 3.5 rules and incorporated it into spell system.
* Added all Beamdog bonus/penalty limits to setting in hr_defaults script for you to set as you like.
* Added Height float for NPC adjusting the height on creature (mainly flying)
Height float default is 0.0 not 1 like scale. Added it to set to 0 on death of NPC because if you don't they may
sink below the walkmesh plane.
* SetObjectVisualTransform related to creature & PC model scale and D&D sizes.
-1 size .80 +1 size 1.5
-2 size .60 +2 size 2.5
-3 size .40 +3 size 3.5
-4 size .20 +4 size 4.5
* Fixed an issue with familars/AC/Summons and bounce back and forth when using control system.
* Added HENCH_DEATHSYSTEM to hr_defaults and check in dropping corpses so that if the PC is using respawn
system that the henchmen are still using the body system. 1 is the only option, in future will add other
options for henchmen death system.
* Updated placable corpse of NPC/henchmen/pc to use the portrait of the creature that died.
* Added color text to some setting toggles.
* Updated custom function HR_GetMeleeWeapon to handle standard and custom weapons.
* Updated healing sting spell so does not give fortitude saving throw.
Custom Content
* Added Custom Companion visual control markers and put in setting under Custom self / Emotes &
Information / Conversation Player information & Emotes / Player settings.
* Switch NPC/PC/henchmen blood after death to visual effect instead of a placable and re-colored on-hit blood to
be lighter red / match of placable blood.
*Added New hak HR_OFH
Open face helmets that add 10 turbans variants,10 hoods and 10 wizard hat for PC.
* NWN2 Wizard hat
Modified it so it not using mirrored texture, up the resolution to 512 x 512 so you can put overlay textures on
them. Modified the UVW unwrap to be more logical. Still need more work on the brim of the hat.
* Cleaned up belt models loose vertices.
Updated PDF

*** Sorry if the video do not play for you they are using google drive share. I will more then likely move to youtube links in the future.



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