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Do you really NEED to resize portraits?

Hi, I just got The Infinity Collection on Steam. It's obviously the latest version of BG:EE. I've played the game before and this is clearly different.

So if you go to character creation and there is a button "CUSTOM PORTRAITS" and click there and it comes up with advice on how to make a custom portrait. It asks for a single 330x210 24 bit BMP file in the Portraits folder. So the game is clearly resizing the portrait itself with no need to create L M and S copies. All good.

Then I got into the game and that overweight chick from the daycare center who pretends to be Imoen was there to greet me, so I had to replace Imoen's portrait to get rid of her.

So at first I tried making a 330x210 file named IMOEN in the Portraits folder like I did with my own custom portrait, but it didn't work. I renamed it IMOENL and it replaced only the picture in the character screen. So I copied that picture twice and renamed the files IMOENM and IMOENS without actually resizing it and it replaced the pictures in game, all of them, obviously using the same auto resize.

Anybody else doing like this now? Just wondering if anybody has had problems somewhere by not resizing the portraits, just making duplicates and changing the file names?

This way is definately easier because resizing the pictures was always a drag...

Let me know


  • fluke13fluke13 Member Posts: 317
    Yea, the EE made it so it's now auto resized...I think this was true from one of the very early patches years ago. For custom pc portraits I put them in the portraits folder in my documents and for new npc portraits I put them in the programs file override folder with the LM,S names to overwrite the game pictures. Also, the mod Portraits everywhere is essential for me.

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