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If these were your three choices, which would you pick?

BoxingJoeCannabyteBoxingJoeCannabyte Member Posts: 16
edited November 2012 in Off-Topic
These are the characters I've narrowed-down to wanting to play on my first entire run from BG1-ToB (unfortunately I just found out I won't be able to order my copy of BG1 until essentialyl Christmas...and I'm to impatient so I'm doing a month of experimentation to decide which will be my "final" character. The one I commit 200 hours of gameplay or so to)

Without going too much into a personality or back story, we each have our own ways to fill in one for this type of character, which would you choose?

I found some amazing portraits-Which, of course, I tried to upload my favorite one to my profile pic to show it off and now it won't work as a portrait (on top of never uploading right. Wtf?). It was a portrait of what could be the strongest-looking and meanest dwarf in what looked to be the middle of a bar-brawl. He could've been any type of character but in this case he's a Ranger/Cleric. And while he has the biceps of a prime "Ah-nold Schwarzenegger" he has the agility of an elf. Able to somersault across the floor, do small leaps with his powerful legs. And is a Rocky Marciano-styled brawler (the only undefeated heavyweight champion in history, and a "dwarf" in comparrison to many of the fighters he fought. He had the tree-trunk legs and torso of a dwarven warrior, which allowed him to generate massive power in his punches via leverage and raw strength.

Anyway, he's an extraordinarily strong and agile dwarf who is extremely intelligent and wise beyond his years. S/he's fairly charismatic, and seems to have it all (almost to the point of being OP, my personal stats are 18 str, 15 dex, 19 con, 21 INT-for roleplaying purposes, he's kind of the "Batman" of the group, a plan for everything, gadgets, etc. 16-18 WIS, 14 CHA. That being said, he suffers from an intense need to kill, due to the godblood in his veins.

The other character is very similar, another dwarf, except a fighter/thief, he's not as strong nor as big as the other dwarf. But is still heavily muscled, what I loved about this portrait is he had black nail polish and kinda a "punkish" look to him (which is kind of like me :P), he almost looked like a Spike (the vampire from Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel) look about him, except as a dwarf, with black hair :P. He's equally intelligent, a bit more charismatic, not as wise, and not as strong but far quicker. While everyone else recoils in terror of the barbarian-like dwarf in the bar, this one is casually slumped against the wall, smoking some fine weeds from his pipe. When the beserked dwarf moves in on him he is initially surprised by his raw strength but dodges his blows and returns the favor with some powerful, precise shots to the liver and solar plexus

The final character is another ranger/cleric but a half-elf. All of these chars are equal in their intelligence which is matched only by a few people who are a part of the mortal core races on Faerun. Which is fine as the int itself doesn't overly affect the combat portions for these chars. So I Don't consider it to be overly-cheaty so much as character development that is necessary. Probably like how Drizzt would be around 20-25 DEX since hs ibasically a Superman of swordsmanship and combat reflexes. The half-elf would essentially have the same stats as the dwarf, higher dex, lower con, as per their race. I know it'd require an editor to get the dwarven ranger/cleric so that might be an issue, but presuming I got one or am playing the non-enhanced versions while I wait, which would you pick if these were your choices. While this guy would be an amazing cleric, I'd put him up there with Artemis Enteri in terms of combative ability, while being just a really good cleric, with a few very potent spells that are only ther eand only as strong because of his divine blood. He is also from the same mother as Sarevok, a woman who happened to fall for Bhaal twice, or maybe Bhaal fell for her just a bit. He didn't intend to make a half-elf as he wanted "pure races" all around. But this woman enchanted him and he came to her in elven form during his quest to sire some elven progeny.

I know, I know, I'm weird.


  • Kitteh_On_A_CloudKitteh_On_A_Cloud Member Posts: 1,629
    Not wanting to sound rude, but almost all of your suggested characters sound quite overpowered. Personally I think flawed characters are way more interesting, as it would be more intruiging to see them grow up to be the killer machines you described above. :p Anyway, I'd say, go for the half-elf. I usually play a character from that race and they're interesting as they're essentially a mix of both humans and pure-blooded elves, causing them to share some traits from both races. As for the class, that's up to you, as I usually play a combination of Mage-Thief. :)

  • TeflonTeflon Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 517
    One for the 3rd one, cleric multi class dude.
    (Can he use pointy arrows? I suddenly forgot.)
    Umm however it would've been much better for me it's abridged version, or simple poll style. No offense.

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