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How to use HLA like Whirlwind attack

Hi - I finally got HLA and I was trying to use the Greater Whirlwind attack vs Firkraag.

So you hit the button and then pause and I can see the icon on the character’s portrait (blue). Does this mean the attack is in progress and then I should click on the target and as long as the blue icon is there I am using GWA? Or do I need to click on it and wait for the icon to go away before attacking (like a spell being cast?)

I.e. is it instantaneous? Or do you click on the button then on a target like using a spell?

Sorry - it was confusing and everything happened so fast - I’m not sure it even worked.


  • EnuhalEnuhal Member Posts: 406
    HLAs like Greater Whirlwind Attacks are essentially short-term self-buffs. You activate them, and they instantly affect your character, giving them 10 attacks per round for one round, which means that you now have to immediately attack your opponent (just like you would normally attack them), otherwise your whirlwind attack will be wasted.

  • animalmomanimalmom Member Posts: 2
    Oh I see now - i tried as you suggested - it has an animation and then you go to town.

    Cool and thanks. You do need to wait for the animation it seems

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