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Server Vault Migration From 1.69 to EE

I am attempting to follow the FAQ's instructions to set up the server vault of a 1.69 server for migration to EE, but am having difficulty getting it to actually copy over old vaults to new as described, and would appreciate any insight or assistance. We have:

- Created an "oldservervault.2da" following the guidelines in the FAQ and Bioware's 2da spec, and placed it in the server's override folder
- Copied the 1.69 server vault to the new server's data folder alongside the new, and named the folder "oldservervault"
- Had testers (myself included) copy their 1.69 nwncdkey.ini file into their /Documents/Neverwinter Nights folder alongside the EE cdkey.ini.
- Verified the public CD key and player name pairs in oldservervault.2da match testers' nwncdkey.ini
- Had testers try logging into the server

Something appears to be missing, because characters are not transferred and do not become selectable. I verified that the 2da is readable by the server, with a test script that writes the contents out to the log. I have tried both creating the 2da manually, and using a script to generate it from stored player name/CD key pairs. The EE servervault directory is empty, and the 1.69 "oldservervault" directory contains the old server vault, with the characters for every tester.

There is a slight pause on login before "New Character" becomes clickable, as if the server were indeed checking something, but nothing comes of it.

Server vault by player name and sticky player names are both disabled (enabling them did not work, either).

The question, then, is what am I missing? Is there some other .ini setting that must be set?

Additionally, the FAQ mentions that "...we will also provide (if the user has moved their nwncdkey.ini into their ~/nwn folder) the 1.69 key to the server, at startup, along with the player’s name." Is there a way to access the 1.69 key via scripting, or does this only happen behind the scenes, so to speak?


  • ponyrealmsponyrealms Member Posts: 2
    edited August 10
    I can't get this to work either, myself, I'm guessing the problem is in the oldservervault.2da format, do the fields accept quotes, for example? What about users with multiple keys? There's another 2da called knownservernames.2da which might serve as reference...

    Can someone provide an actual example of the 2da file maybe, with example values even if fake ones?

    edit: wondering about usernames with spaces in them specifically, in regards to quotation marks.
    edit2: what about character limit on names? 16 characters maybe?

  • DunshineDunshine Member Posts: 1
    We used this automated bic transfer for Arelith and it worked perfectly. We've over 30.000 playernames in our oldservervault.2da with all kinds of weird characters and spaces in them, but aside form the very long ones not being recognized, it all just worked. I've attached the first 15 rows of the 2da file we've used with edited cdkeys.

    We use a Linux server, so in case it's about a Windows server, I can't verify that works as well.

    Note, the players should use the exact name, case-sensitive playernames and the Linux user running the server should have read/write access to the oldservervault folder since the bic files are renamed to .xbc after they get migrated, to prevent duplicate transfers.


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