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Narc's Tale of 7 Dragons

gstreetspiritgstreetspirit Member Posts: 3
Hey there,

As an old player of nwn, i've just bought nwn EE. And it's a real pleasure to be back on game.

So i've brought back to life an old module i used to play, which was very great.
A great adventure, a great world.

This module has been made by Narc, and is fully compatible with EE.
It's online now, so please feel free to join me on this amazing module :

IP :

I've just bought a dedicated server, so it will be online all the time !

PS : please excuse if my english is not perfect, am french.

Good game to everybody !


  • BrahamBraham Member Posts: 1
    GStreetspirit ,

    Thanks for the post and thanks for creating a Chapter 1 EE server.

    Phann actually still has the original Chapter 1 up and running (as well as Chapter 2 - BoB and a Chapter 2, BoB server running on EE.

    IPs for the classic modules as follows:

    Chapter 1, 7 Dragons -

    Chapter 2, Bonds of Blood -

    The intent is to move all of the character accounts from Classic Chapter 2 (Bonds of Blood) to EE BoB. a number of people have already migrated their characters there. The EE server is still in test.

    We don't really have an interest in hosting Chapter 1 on EE, so you doing so is perfect

    If you will be hosting Chapter 1, Phann could likely restore character accounts from the archive and move historic characters to your new server if that's something you were interested in. If so, just let me know.

    Good Luck


  • gstreetspiritgstreetspirit Member Posts: 3
    Hello Braham, and thanks for your message.

    Yes, i'm really interesting in hosting only chapter 1. So if you want to transfer the server vault, i can arrange that.

    I haven't seen chapter 1 on server list, so i thought everybody had forgotten narc !

    I'm planning on doing some modifications in the chapter 1, with some extra scripting to add some new objects and maybe features.

    So come back to me to arrange the details of the vault transfer, i'd be glad to welcome every old or new player :)

  • gstreetspiritgstreetspirit Member Posts: 3
    Little up on this forum, if anybody wants to come, my server is fully online now.

    IP :

    i'd be glad to help u start your adventure !

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