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This is Great!

So I bought all the EEs as soon as they came out, but I like to play through a full saga and I kept suffering from continual restart syndrome. Now I've finally got to SoD with a little trepidation because I'd seen a few comments suggesting it wasn't that good. Those people are crazy!

A new Baldur's Gate adventure after all these years. Realistic crowds of people. Multiple quest choices that often aren't just between generic "normal person" and "mustache twirling villain". Actual uses for Infravision! Well acted and faithful SoA style dream sequences. The return of the legendary David Warner as voice actor. A natural world that actually feels alive, with predatory animals hunting prey. Fights between rival groups of monsters. A sympathetic but fanatical & misguided villain. Puzzles and exploration and lore.

And my god, actual unique, reactive dialogue! I'm playing a solo Paladin, and my choices are actually recognized! I can yell at people about holy justice! I've lost count of the number of times I've had nice extra dialogue options or slightly different things happen.

Now, I have't finished yet, I'm just before the second bridge, but man, I'm having a blast. Why was the reception to SoD so mixed? I get that it's not completely perfect but IMO they took the foundation of Baldur's Gate and built something great on it. I hope Beamdog get another chance to build a new story, perhaps a bridge between SoA and ToB, or even a new story in the IE engine.



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