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I love Cernd (spoilers)

I know Cernd gets spell-sequenced triple-skull-trap-grade flack from the community, but I will forever treasure what he did for me tonight in the first level of the Spellhold Asylum.

You see, I'm doing my first-ever SCS BG II EE run. Yes, I activated Party's items are taken from them in Spellhold. I never knew that Yuan Ti mages could be that terrifying.

And then there was Cernd.

Between Greater Werewolf Form, Summon Insects, and Creeping Doom, he has been a literal and figurative monster.

Sure Viconia's summons played a major part. Yes, Edwin almost broke a sweat with a spell here and there. That was expected. But it was that dorky shapeshifter that saved the day.

I'd say "bless you, Cernd", but he's the one in my party that does the blessing! ;)



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