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Need better AI and/or options on henchmen & familiars in OC, SoU, and HotU

RannRann Member Posts: 167
edited July 2018 in Official Campaigns
Noticed a few things on my OC, SoU, and HotUplaythroughs that I forgot the first time I played this way back when:

(1) There needs to be a way to tell henchmen not to use spells. Xanos is driving me crazy shooting negative energy blasts over and over at undead, which actually heals them, or using up all of his spells on spell-resistant critters like slaadi. There needs to be a way to tell him "just use your weapon." Fighting slaadi in HotU is an unnecessary pain because he's basically nonfunctional because of this limitation (when he's actually pretty effective when using his blade), and my poor little rogue can't do it all by himself. (Better yet, some henchman code that says "don't use negative energy on undead," "don't use spells on spell-resistant creatures," etc.)
(2) There's no way to tell familiars to not go into bash mode if I fail to open something. I had to train myself to follow every attempt at opening a chest with "Follow me" aimed at my familiar to keep him from going at it before Tomi could.



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