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Roadmap for UserInterface-Enhancements for BG and IWD

RadonGOGRadonGOG Member Posts: 17
edited November 2018 in UI Discussion and Workshop
Hi there, I just wanted to ask for a roadmap showing off when to expect a total rework of the interface of BaldursGateSeries as well as IcewindDale.

Why do I ask for that?
Well, the rework you did for PlanescapeTorment is awesome and your other work should hold up to it. Right now if you startup latest PSTEE and latest BG2EE afterwards you´ll immedatly recognize a huge drop in interface quality. And that´s the first impression these EEs give a new player!!! Especially now after you´ve done so much to improve the code and background tech it´s time to polish up the front as well. On top of that, you can call the patch that will push it in Update 3.X, demonstrating that then all your InfinityEngineEnhancedEditions are on the same patch level. (PSTEE is already at 3.1)

Why do I ask for the roadmap of the rework, not only for a rework at all?
Currently your standing in several communities isn´t that great. Giving such a roadmap could help improve on that. To get that benefit, be sure to contact magazines and stores. Naturally, I´d suggest GOG to be one of them, as harsh critics of you are on GOGs forums.

Shall this question be included in the next friday stream?
I´d be glad if it would be.

What exactly are the issues the current versions have?
Well, being lowres in general, wasting space, not bringing in enough responsive design and so on. Especially easy to spot on 3840x2160 or 3440x1440 monitors. Oh, and really: Just compare to how well PST EE handles these monitors.

Why should even ultra conservative folks dislike the current state of the UI?
Currently, the EEs UI don´t have much to do with the interface of the original games. The background textures are using total different materials, some old features are missing (like the shortcut-numbers at the edges of the spellbook from BG2) and so on. In general, classic interface and EE-interface don´t have as much in common as they could and at the same time the EEs interface is much less progressive then it could have been. As the things both versions have in common is negative stuff like poor HighResScaling and sub-optimal use of space. Total different situation with PST EE!

Why is PSTEEs interface so great?
Well, there is a cool Beamblog-entry on that question: Main points: Original ideas and layouts were revisited and refined. UHD was in focus since the beginning. Hopefully, a rework of BG and IWD will get a similar post once finished.

As a closing: I really hope you´ll do this. I´d be great to see the games getting even further polished and your reputation to be improved.

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