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NWNX Leto Plugin

I'm running a PW module called Rhun which relies on the NWNX Leto plugin for setting player subraces.

Is there any way to get the Leto plugin running on the EE dedicated server? If not, are there any plans to port it to NWNXEE?


  • SherincallSherincall Member Posts: 387
    As discussed yesterday on NWNX discord, the best way to do this is to have your module push the leto commands to redis, then either edit Leto, or have an intermediate application subscribe to redis and pass these commands.

    No work required on the NWNX side. In fact, porting the NWNX leto plugin as is to NWNXEE would just open the servers up to a whole new class of very bad security vulnerabilities.

    However, if all you're doing is just modifying the stats for subraces, maybe it's easier to just use the Creature NWNX plugin and modify them directly:

    Here's a sample of how you can do simple subraces with it:
  • echooechoo Member Posts: 43
    Thanks for the info Sherincall. After some advice in PMs, I was informed that setting a single variable to FALSE deactivates Leto in Rhun. The subrace engine then reverts to using player skins for subrace stats, which work just as well.
  • TomRotflTomRotfl Member Posts: 26
    What is it and where is that variable that you have set to FALSE?

    I'd like to do that as well.. Thanks!
  • Supreme_PizzaSupreme_Pizza Member Posts: 1
    Back up your module first.

    No guarantees.

    You could try...


    Open the script editor search "sha_mod"

    Comment out line "sha_mod_load"

    They should be in your module on load and heartbeat.


    Open the script editor search "sha_on"

    Comment out lines:
    maybe others, maybe less


    Open your module properties in the toolbox.
    edit-> module properties

    Events tab
    then look around for "sha_"


    search "sha_subr_methds"
    Then comment out those includes and the function calls.

    Careful about spell hooks.
    I kept mine.


    I had some other Leto calls too so find those if you have them
    Found mine in step 3


    Build Module ->
    Compile Scripts

    Fix errors and repeat 6 as necessary.
  • echooechoo Member Posts: 43
    Just a quick note to anyone that comes across this thread:

    This will enable the bioware database based shayan subrace engine (turning off leto functionality):

    in the script sha_subr_consts:

    set ENABLE_LETO to false on line 27


    const int ENABLE_LETO = FALSE;
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