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Multiple Romance Mod Question(s).

Hello Everybody,

I was just wondering, it does seem that the multiple romance mod only works on non mod characters. If that is true, is there a way to actively bypass this lmitation, with another mod, or by script, so as to making Mod-Characters (A.ka. Tyris, Isra, ETc..) available for multiromance?



  • SeeweadSeewead Member Posts: 8
    @Luwe, yes, you are right: The multi-romance patch (like in the tweaks-anthology-mod) only works for the vanilla women (like Viconia, Jaheira, Neera and Aerie).

    But not to worry: There is one mod out there, that deals with "romancable" girls that are brought to us by other mods. It is called the Rjali-mod (version 9.0 at the moment; it is BG2EE only). And yes, it enables multi-romances with Imoen, Sirene, Skie ReDone, Petsy Chattertone, Branwen, Yvette, Tashia, Nalia, Tyris, Ninde, Dace, Isra, Saerileth, Amber and Fade. So there you go.

    However I have to "warn" you (well, sort of): That mod goes much further than your described goal (as to enable multi-romances). That mod makes it so that every woman you romance is completely aware about the other love-relationships you entertain at the same time. So they know about each other. That is... different. Interesting, but different. And the whole Rjali-mod only works if you take along Rjali (a new romance introduced by that mod) in your group.

    Other than that the Rjali mod brings new - unheard of - opportunities: It not only introduces half a dozen new girls you can romance, but even allows you to "park" your romances for some time and in that way effectively allows you to multi-romance more than the 5 girls, that you have slots for in your group.

    check out the homepage of the mod:

    Hope it helps, Seewead

  • LuweLuwe Member Posts: 8
    Splendid, thank you for the answer.
    Do I need to install the multimod romance for the vanilla, too, or does the rajii mod replace that as well? :)

  • SeeweadSeewead Member Posts: 8
    Glad I could help. :)

    No, you need to install the multi-romance patch as well. And it is paramount that you follow the install order that is recommended in the README of the Rjali mod, e.g. installing the NPC romance mods (that you want to use) _before_ you install the Rjali mod, because the latter has to find and change a tiny bit of these NPC romance mods (to enable multi romances). The README says it all. For more questions you have to go to the webside - my holiday trip is coming.

    See ya, Seewead

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