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Fighter >> Druid grandmastery choice?

Daggers? Spears?

What about second GM? Slings? Clubs? Scimitars? Not interested in only-end-of-game items though.

Also, anything worth dual wielding?



  • GundanRTOGundanRTO Member Posts: 28
    Scimitars are pretty well represented from start to finish.
    Daggers are very well represented.

    Those would be my first two choices.

  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,063
    From BG1 till late ToB Scimitars and quarterstaves are definitely the best choice.

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 589
    I'd go daggers, scimitars, and quarterstaves in that order. (Dagger of venom is one of the top BG1 weapons.)

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,560
    DJKajuru wrote: »
    From BG1 till late ToB Scimitars and quarterstaves are definitely the best choice.
    jsaving wrote: »
    I'd go daggers, scimitars, and quarterstaves in that order. (Dagger of venom is one of the top BG1 weapons.)

    ah, but this is for IWD hoi hoi hoi hoi hoi :)

    but with that being said, i would problably go with scimitar, even though in chapter 5 is kind of late, frostbrand is chillin literally and figuratively in the frost giant cave, which is a nice weapon since it gives a +50% bonus to fire resistance

    although if you are lucky conlan might have a magical scimitar ( one of those weapons that have a cool name to it ) that you could use sooner if need be

    dagger wise, i would say they are mostly more suited towards wizerds, since lots of them give bonuses to wizerd type stuff, although the dagger of venom is in IWD but again, its in chapter 5 hanging out with it's friend frostbrand

    club wise, the damage is pretty moot with one being a +3 version if you get lucky in dragon's eye, but its only a club +3 with no other special abilites and 1d6+3 damage by itself is meh

    although, if your fighter dual druid is a back row spell caster, nothing wrong with going sling style, since there is technically infinite bullets +2 in the severed hand, as long as you dont tell lelahnd or whatever his name is to go away, so thats a pretty solid choice

    spear wise, there is a +3 spear in severed hand ( dont know if you get it 100% of the time though ) another one in chapter 5 from..... salamander dude, and then there is the slayer +5 in chapter 6, so up to you if thats any good

    personally in IWD i like the weapon and shield sort of weapon styles, i find dual wielding to be over rated, yes attacks per round are good and needed but if the enemy can't hit you, it doesn't matter if it takes another round or two when using a shield

    plus another thing that i like about using shields is that a lot of them come with other resistance bonuses as well, which is another plus, especially if you luck out and get the great shield +3, which is defence incarnate even with it's -2 to hit penalty

  • GundanRTOGundanRTO Member Posts: 28
    Static drops for Scimitars in IWD...

    The Lucky Scimitar, which can be bought for cheap in Kuldahar, Valiant (which gives an extra attack per round), and Frostbrand +3. Your Druid can create Talon of the Gloomfrost in Heart of Winter, and can get Wind of Heaven (+4, +5 vs Elementals, immune to Cloudkill, Death Fog etc) in Trials of the Luremaster.

    Static drops for Daggers in IWD include...

    At least one Dagger +1 in the Vale, Presio's Dagger in Dragon's Eye, Breath of Auril, Longtooth and Dagger of Venom in the Frost Giant Cave, Fire Kiss from Malavon and Salamander's Tounge from Marketh's lair.

    If you want to eschew the dual wielding, the I'd say Scimitars and Shields are your best bet. If you want to Dual wield, then Scimitar and Dagger are your two choices for Grand-Mastery since you can dual wield decent weapons at an early stage in the game, and then improve from there.

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