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Single Class Party

Just recently started playing the EE. Never got super far in the vanilla version but very much enjoying EE.
So much so that I have 3 games going! =D Solo, party of 3 and party of 6.

I have 2 questions.

1. Would it be possible to finish the game with just 1 class for all 6 toons? (no multi classing). Like all Thieves or clerics or fighters.
2. Which ones would be viable, if any?

I think it would be fun to try but I don't want to get slaughtered. I would prefer doing this with a party of 6.



  • MeandreMeandre Member Posts: 35
    I've played with a party of four archers and one thief/cleric, so not exactly one class for all, but pretty close. It was a rather easy play-through, to the point that I got bored and quit on the Burial Isle...

    Also played with a party of four clerics once - that one was fun!

    I'd say it's possible to finish the game with almost all classes. After all, people do solo runs with all of them!

    Personally, I found I need a thief of sorts to open locks and handle traps to make the game enjoyable. I know some people play just fine by bashing locks etc., but for me that really worked.

    That said, I think a party of 6 sorcs should be quite doable and interesting:
    You can use summons to fill in the melee roles, use the knock spell to open locks and Mordenkain's Sword in combination with Tenser's Transforamtion to deal with spell-resistant/immune foes.
    Not to mention all the different ways to handle enemies with spells.
    Oh and you canpick some fun new spells that you wouldn't give to a single sorc normally! :smiley:
    But your party will probably be resting a lot in order to recover spells and due to the lack of healing options available.

  • oakheartoakheart Member Posts: 35
    A party of druids would be fun. Plenty of offensive/defensive/summoning options, able to deal with poison,reasonable melee.

  • CrawlerCrawler Member Posts: 12
    I once made a team of 6 dwarf berzerkers all dual wielding...

    It was fun to begin with but It got boring pretty quickly, also the group probably would have been extremely hard-pressed to finish the game (I stopped playing at the vale of shadows).

  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,399
    I've played it with a party of four pure classes - the classic fighter, cleric, thief, mage. I think I put an undead hunter in the fighter slot last time I did it, so there was a slight advantage there.

    It was really great having a pure-classed thief because of the fast leveling and all the skill points, allowing her to progress in both locks/traps and stealth/backstabbing early on, instead of having to pick one or the other. That especially helps in the EE, since stealth, which used to be one action, is now two actions that both require points investment.

    It takes good tactics and position management. Mobs can be troublesome, but can be overcome if you stay aware of your surroundings and make good use of chokepoints and terrain obstacles.

    Having only four characters gives you an xp bonus, and means they don't compete with each other for the best gear. Don't forget your cleric can have just as good armor as your melee fighter. The two of them together can almost always hold aggro off your thief and mage.

    Use your thief to scout enemy mobs, and then back her away to just the point where the enemies are out of sight. Use her as a marker to bring your mage up right behind her and throw AoE nukes into the fog to your heart's content. I used to call it "placing a mark" with my thief.

    I find it the most fun way to play IWD, and I don't play it any other way.

  • RVNSRVNS Member Posts: 279
    All classes would be viable for this. Some would have an easier time than others I believe. Some of that would depend on playstyle of course.

    Most viable? Sorcerers come to mind as potent. Clerics and druids would prove hard to kill between buffs, summons and healing. Bards are great for this as they can literally do just about anything. Mages you run into the issue that there are only so many spells for them to purchase and learn a piece so each one may not get the same spell selection. Any fighter/ranger/paladin class should do fine do to hp and thaco bonus. All thieves gives you access to all the money you could need and all the traps you could want as well as backstabs. All shamans would be very strong with writhing fog and leading enemies back into their summons.

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 604
    On standard difficulty levels, you could easily finish a game where everyone in the party is the same (single) class. Your strongest options would be 6 sorcerers, 6 half-orc fighters with 19 strength, 6 rangers or paladins with 18/91+ strength, or 6 clerics/druids/shaman. 6 mages or 6 bards would be more difficult due to the very limited number of scrolls in the game, and 6 thieves would be tough because of their melee weakness and the fact that so many of the game's foes are undead.

    On HoF, you could finish a game fairly easily with 6 sorcerers or 6 druids/shaman where you'd be relying primarily on their summoning prowess. Other possibilities like 6 fighters or 6 bards would be quite difficult though.

  • MrDaveFMrDaveF Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for the replies! I've always been fond of spellcasters so i'll have to give 6 sorcerers or clerics a whirl.

  • Balrog99Balrog99 Member Posts: 5,044
    Druids/Shamans would be very doable. Use one as a Shapeshifter, one as a Totemic, two as Avengers, one Shaman and one pureclass (or another Shaman if you don't mind not having a pure druid). Shapeshifter can be the tank and the rest can be buffers/summoners. Avengers contribute the bonus mage spells and can tank when needed with their extra shapeshift abilities. Might be a fun ride!

  • Yulaw9460Yulaw9460 Member Posts: 634
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