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Weird bug with latest update

So I've just returned to BGEE after a brief hiatus. I open it on Steam and everything is updated. I also updated all of the mods and fixes that I have that are all supposed to be compatible with BGEE.

Now here's the weird thing. I start to get dialouge options and random NPCs for Siege of Dragonspear showing up in my core game. Coran started to talk about being an alchemist and after a few very random dialouge options he turned into stone. The portraits of some of my NPCS (Kagain and Viconia) were also completely wrong.
I thought it might be because I continued an old game so I tried starting a completely new one. No such luck. When I enter the inn in Candlekeep there is all of teh sudden a random lady who starts talking about magic users and other weird things attacking.

Anyone who's had similar problems who can help me out? :/


  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,399
    Are you using mods? They have to be installed using an extra utility called "Mod Merge" or the game goes nuts. Unless things have changed since the last time I heard, you can't install mods anymore on EE using the old simpler Weidu method that works on the classic version from GoG. I've just stopped using any mods since Beamdog decided to complicate the installation process. I don't want them enough to go through the learning curve to figure out Mod Merge.

  • egonegon Member Posts: 81
    I got the modmerger.exe file and if I understand correctly, running that should make things work. Except for that and the manual installation of the mods I haven't really done anything. Is there a step I've missed?

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