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Silas, TN, Cleric (Lorekeeper of Oghma)

CharlestonianTemplarCharlestonianTemplar Member Posts: 855
Finally, I have a character concept that I’m excited about playing. My character concepts are probably more important to me than the actual playthrough. And it’s been a looonng time since I had an idea for a character that I was excited about. My last character, Gawain/F/LG finished a completionist run from Carbos in Candlekeep to the defeat of Melissan at the Throne of Bhaal in the abyssal plane in August 1985 – I started sometime in 1984. I tried to follow it up my one and only success but just couldn’t really get a persona that I wanted to put another year of my life into.

But now I have.

This character is based on Silas, the albino monk in The da Vinci Code. I like this character, especially because as a disfigured, albino he’s perfect as a Tiefling (I’m of the mindset that PCs need be a Tiefling because of the Bhaal paternal bloodline). The cowl Silas wears is perfect for the type cover a Tiefling, trying to hide his features, might wear.

I’m going with a Cleric, Lorekeeper of Oghma (from @Raduziel Deities of Faerun). I thought about a monk, because Silas grew up tutored by monks; a fighter type, because he would have looked up to the Gatewarden and watchers at Candlekeep; and, of course, a mage since Gorion is his step-father, but mages don’t interest me as a PC.

Since the Temple of Oghma is in Candlekeep, he would have been around it’s priests all his life. I’ve always wanted to play a cleric, so this is my chance.

Playing a TN is going to be a challenge. I’ve almost always been LG (although I’ve played LE or CE a time or two). My plan is to surround my PC with neutral NPCs, ideally TNs like my PC. If I have a NG then I’ll want to offset them with a NE, a LN with a CN. I’m going to use the NPCs feedback to guide me and respond in conversation by carefully choosing my selection.

So here we go: Silas, TN, CL (Lorekeeper of Oghma).

** Now, I’ll probably die on the steps at the Friendly Arm Inn
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    @CharlestonianTemplar Dropping by to say that I remember vividly your run with Gawain. It was quite a ride. Especially in the Planar Sphere, where you allies fell one after the other, but you managed to prevail nonetheless ! I’ll gladly follow your new run !
  • CharlestonianTemplarCharlestonianTemplar Member Posts: 855
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    Arctodus said:

    @CharlestonianTemplar Dropping by to say that I remember vividly your run with Gawain. It was quite a ride. Especially in the Planar Sphere, where you allies fell one after the other, but you managed to prevail nonetheless ! I’ll gladly follow your new run !

    Thank you @Arctodus odus, Oh yeah, the Planar Sphere DID suck. I thought that was the end of the road. Gawain was a serious TANK though, even though he was just a human fighter. That's what made that run so fulfilling.

    Sadly, on this one, I have to start over. Same PC but my game got wiped by a Beamdog glitch. Ugh.

    Luckily, I was only in Beregost chapter 3. CT

  • CharlestonianTemplarCharlestonianTemplar Member Posts: 855
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    4 Mirtul 1368: My service to lord Oghma began unexpectedly when my foster father, Gorion, suddenly became agitated & anxious for us to depart our home in Candlekeep. Gorion was never able to let me in on what the urgency was because we were ambushed only hours after departing. Gorion was killed there but I felt nothing really, just that whatever is happening is serious & I’m in the middle of it. Before I ever left Candlekeep, I was twice attacked by assassins that I dispatched without raising an alarm & I sense this is all connected.

    Following the battle at Lion’s Way, Imoen caught up to me. She’d slipped out right after Gorion & I did & followed only a few hours behind. I didn’t want her mixed up in this, but her presence is a plus as her skills are a multiplier. It’s her benevolent side that I find unhelpful. Still, if I’d ever had a little sister, she’d have been like Imoen, & I feel an irritating sense of responsibility for her, & I don’t think Candlekeep is safe for her now.

    She & I collected the booty at the Lion’s Way battlefield which included some gold, a girdle & some weapons before killing a Diseased Gibberling. After that, we stayed on the road where we joined with an assassin & a wizard. The assassin, Montaron, I believe is a good balance to Imoen’s tendency toward good because he’s a cur for sure, but he’s no threat to she or I, just a big talker. The wizard, I didn’t like from the start & I parted ways with him in short order. The four of us continued staying to the road through Coast Way, where I added a Bard, Eldoth, to my company after meeting him on the way. He’s working a scheme that might be lucrative & I like the idea of a Bard keeping me company.

    KEY EVENT: The five us reached The Friendly Arm Inn (FAI) & were met with another assassin, this one a mage. I cast Command & he collapsed; Imoen fired her short bow; Montaron rushed in w/his short sword, the wizard w/his dagger & Eldoth sang his bard song. Imoen caught him w/an arrow or two before he recovered from my spell. I cast a second Command, sending him back to his knees. Then, Montaron jabbed his sword into the mages left shoulder as he feel, finishing him.

    Once we collected the mages scrolls & some gold & got inside the FAI, we found a Ranger, Khalid & a Druid, Jaheira. Gorion had urged just before we left Candlekeep that I find them if he and I became separated. Well, we’re pretty well separated now. Khalid & Jaheira are married. I think Khalid has a soft temperament like Imoen but with Eldoth, who’s a snake, I feel we’re balanced. Jaheira seems to see things down the middle. I don’t want this group around me getting off on some good or evil or law or chaos rampage – that’s just distracting. I couldn’t take the mages presence anymore, so I let him go. He tried to get Montaron to leave too, but he chose to stay with me.

    MONSTERS DEFEATED: Assassins (Tarnesh, Carbos, Shank), Diseased Gibberling

    NOTEWORTHY TREASURE: (Gps = 244) Armor & weapons: Gems/jewelry: Angel Skin Ring, Potions: Scrolls: M/missile, C/Orb, Strength, Sleep, B/Hands, Wands: Misc & Artifacts:


    NEXT STEPS: Tvl to Beregost, then on to Nashkel

    LEVEL UP: None

    PARTY MAKEUP: (Reputation: 10)
    Silas Cl/1 (Lorekeeper of Oghma) (HP 10): S/mail, m/star*; active spells: Command x3 (Best kill: Carbos)
    Imoen Th/1 (Adventurer)(HP 8) Leather, s/bow*, s/sword*, Skills: O/locks 25, F/traps 35, P/pockets/25, M/silently 35,
    H/shadows 15, D/illusion 10, S/traps 5 (Best kill: Tarnesh)
    Jaheira Dr/2 (HP 21): Leather, Club, Sling, Staff; active spells: Cure Lt Wounds, Entangle, Shillelagh (Best kill: n/a)
    Khalid: Rgr/2 (HP 29), S/mail, L/bow**, B/swd**, SWS, (Best kill: n/a)
    Montaron: Ass/1 (HP 7), S/leather, S.swd*, O/locks 25, F/traps 10, P/pockets 35, M/silently 25, H/shadows 25, D/Illusion 20,
    S/traps 20, B/stab x3, (Best kill: Tarnesh)
    Eldoth: Bard/3 (HP 15), S/leather, scimitar*, (Best kill: n/a)

    MOD USED: BG NPC v23.3, BG NPC Music v6, PlanetouchedRaces_v0.3, Indira v12_beta3, Finch v4.0_beta7, Gavin v14, Isra v2.3, Vynd v1, Tenya BGEE 15c, Drake, BG UB v16, Tweaks Anthology v5, Song & Silence v9, Deities of Faerun, Rogue Rebalancing v491, SCS v30, aTweaks v4.53, Item Randomizer

    Blue Font: New information;
    Red Font: Monster encounters (first use)
    (Best kill)(Current AI)(Chain of Command)
  • Finally got started and got some actual PLAY under my belt. Between 12 hours of seminary/grad school and having to re-install and update all my mods to tailor the game like I want it, it's been a minute.

    But we're off and I like the party as it stands.

    I am going to try and keep this party balanced toward neutrality.

    Now there are two NG and two NE characters while Jaheira and my PC, Silas are TN. In the early game I may try to pick up Xan - I need a mage and he's LN but I'd have to balance him w/either Garrick, Quayle or Safana. I already have a Bard, so Garrick's out, adding Quayle gives me one too MANY mages, so Safana would be the selection by process of elimination - although then I'd be rogue heavy so...

    With Eldoth in the party Skie would join up at some point, so that's another TN and I still have the rogue heavy thing going on. I COULD dump Montaron there, or decide I don't need Skie (I've installed the 'allow pairs to separate option), or Eldoth for that matter.

    And then part of me likes the idea of an ALL TN party meaning everyone here but Jaheira goes, I add Branwen (so we'll heavy Cleric/Druid), Skie and Faldorn (always wanted to see that interaction - don't tell me y'all but I think that's a fight to the death).

    I don't know about Rassaad, not do I know if I want him anyway - I think he's LN.

    Anyway, thoughts going through my head as I get this group going. CT

  • Very_BigSwordVery_BigSword Member Posts: 217
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    The trouble with neutral parties is lack of melee options. Thanks to NPC project I see a nice solution for you.

    I suggest going to Nashkel with Khalid, Jaheira, Monty, Garrick and Imoen. Drop Monty at the mines in favour of Dorn, when you can take Xan then drop K&J. Ajantis can take the spare slot since Xan is now in place to keep him "on the leash" during his zealous moments. Safana replaces Imoen in due course. (Neera replaces Garrick optionally, both are neutral).

    Four neutrals, one blackguard and one paladin with Xan keeping them from each other's throats. Nicely balanced party composition also. Fx2 Wx1(or 2) Bx1(or 0) Cx1 Tx1

    Assuming you have not played on very far these last 2/12 months - update time?
  • dukdukgoosdukdukgoos Member Posts: 13
    "...defeat of Melissan at the Throne of Bhaal in the abyssal plane in August 1985 – I started sometime in 1984"

    uh, do you mean 2004-05? 2014-15? '84-85 would be quite a trick...
  • "...defeat of Melissan at the Throne of Bhaal in the abyssal plane in August 1985 – I started sometime in 1984"

    uh, do you mean 2004-05? 2014-15? '84-85 would be quite a trick...

    Yeah, I meant '14-'15. Good catch.
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