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Beamdog update?

CharlestonianTemplarCharlestonianTemplar Member Posts: 855
I opened my game yesterday and it indicated that an update was available. When I start the game, my launch screen says the last one completed was June 2016 but my version is correct so I'm good.

I installed the update but the version hasn't updated nor has the launch screen date changed.

Also, suddenly, I notice my cleric in chapter 3 can't wear the armor and use the arms he was.

I downloaded my BGEE and BGEE II games from Beamdog back years ago when they came out.

I hate to start over because my game is heavily modded and it takes awhile to do.

Any thoughts before I do a clean install? CT

EDIT: Doesn't matter. I was stupid enough to install an update and it has wiped all of my mods anyway. Back to square one! Ugh.

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