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Now that 2.5 is official, how to continue w/ mods?

EndaarEndaar Member Posts: 19
Hi guys... just nearing the end of my 2.3.x modded-up run of the game. Now that 2.5 has been released and I decide I want to do another playthru afterward, will I need to reinstall all mods all over again after updating?

Sidebar, is it possible to just update straight to 2.5 and continue my game "near the end" without breaking anything? Or will I have to carefully reinstall all the mods again too? (and, is there a recommended method/style to do so?)

It's been a while since I've messed around with the meta-part of this game :-)



  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,460
    The update would have wiped all your mods, so you will need to reinstall all of them. This also makes your existing saves useless. Sorry :(

  • lefreutlefreut Member Posts: 1,422
    Update always remove all mods. You will have to reinstall them.

    Finish your current game with 2.3 and only update after. Updates can break existing saves (especially when you have mods).

  • DunyDuny Member Posts: 6
    So far I'm rolling with SCS version 31 + cdtweaks version 7... game seems fine. Big world setup isn't working at the moment so I guess I have to wait till spellhold studios mysql goes up again ;)

  • Very_BigSwordVery_BigSword Member Posts: 128
    I had several games in progress when the update hit. Mods were Unfinished business and BG1 NPC project only, steam install. Most of these games had to be abandoned but I was able to load the saves and export Charname in case I wanted to do another run.

    Two of the games were saved at end of Chapter 7, sitting outside the final temple. EEkeeper was used to get rid of modded equipment (if any). Ctrl-R each character after load. I was able to get both games through the end battle and continued on to SoD.

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