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SoD on Android - Screen Resolution Requirement


after Beamdog screwed up both BG and BGII on my tablet by the latest 2.5 updates (nav bar hides bottom part of the game making it unplayable, it worked perfectly fine before) I am considering buying a new tablet with a recent android to "fix" the issue. Due to my personal preference (eye strain caused by some screens), I'd like to choose an android tablet with just a 1280x800 screen resolution. However the SoD says it requries "better than 1280x800 resolution". Is it indeed so? It does not work on this resolution at all? It is rather weird to define the requirement as "better than" rather than stating what is the minimum. Does it mean that 1281x801 is fine? ;)

Seriously, is there anyone out there who plays SoD on 1280x800 on android?

Thanks a lot!

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