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Fighter stronghold quests not advancing

Ive checked multiple walkthroughs and they all say that you should get a messenger telling you to go back because Lord Roenall wants to see you. But this has not happened for weeks.

Do I need Nalia in my party for this to trigger? Am I missing something? Ive accepted the priest of tempus already, but im not getting any more fighter stronghold quests.


  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 513
    You don't need Nalia for the quests to trigger, but they take a while and sometimes it's easy to miss the messenger if he appears at the wrong time. As a rule if you are 2 or in game more weeks after the last step/taking the stronghold then swing by and check the keep personally.

    I will note that stronghold quests get suspended when in Ch4-5, so if you have traveled through Spellhold+Underdark then usually you'll get the messenger when you arrive back on the surface, but the Elves "interview" cut scene+scripts can make it hard to notice them.

  • valkyvalky Member Posts: 386
    While it's kinda necro - there wasn't a proper answer...
    Oddly, I got it bugged as well; cause I somewhere missed the runner or he got stuck...

    An easy fix is either to use eekeeper or nearinfinity to open the *gam file of the save and set the global variable 'KPRUNNERSPAWN=1' to 0.
    After reloading the runner appeared right away for me - I was at the castle anyway :>

    ..if it's of some further help.

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