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Building the PRC Team again!

We are bringing back PRC with a vengeance! We are currently working on PRC 3.6 (should be in Beta before NWSync comes out), and a fully scripted PW core module based around PRC in the Forgotten Realms. Though fully base scripted, it will only contain one fully functional town to show off the PW's working aspects. This is purely for helping the community start PW's based around PRC in the modern era of NWN1.

We are looking for talented scripters, builders, and custom content creators to help us on this monumental task.

It's even okay if you are a member of another team! We have several members now that are team members for other projects/builds. This is because everything we build is able to be freely downloaded by the community.

There is no privitization of our content. Anything you help us with goes directly back into the community.

If this interests you, please stop by our Discord channel, and let either Stratovarius or myself, StilleVande know.



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