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How to remove Jaheira

OK, got to the point where Jaheira breaks with the Harpers. We finished off the campaign against the slavers, Then I tried to reform the party ... wanted to use an evil crew for a bit ... and had no problem with everybody else; told them just to wait at the CC. However, when I removed Jaheira, she got all upset and walked off, apparently for good, saying that she doubted we would meet again.

Was she just being overly dramatic, and is actually waiting somewhere, or is there simply a period of time where I can't remove her at all? Note: we were at a decent Rep (14) at the time.


  • FrdNwsmFrdNwsm Member Posts: 1,069
    edited September 2018
    OK, apparently at his point in the story line I CAN'T remove her ... like, ever. I'm pretty sure that I remember being able to remove her in my first play through, but I think that was after the Harper Quest line was finished. Which takes a hella long time.

    That being the case, at what Rep will she "break" and leave? I have a pretty obnoxious crew (Viconia, Korgan, Edwin and Hexxat) and we are doing the first Hexxat quest. She's uneasy with a vampire in the party. I was planning on recruiting Dorn next; she's just gonna love HIS quest. :open_mouth:

  • FrdNwsmFrdNwsm Member Posts: 1,069
    Found the Rep chart; she seems pretty safe if I just be a bit careful.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 3,942
    one thing you could do is make jaheira go into a building by herself ( one that you will never enter in again, and one that doesnt require the party to go into ) then reform party when she is in there herself, now you will have an empty party slot

    then when it comes time to bring her back along ( if that is what you wish ) and she tells you that if she leaves she will leave for good, just tell her to stay in the party instead then

    ( personally i drop her off in prebek's house in the docks district so i always know where she is )

  • If you are not opposed to using the console:


    Graciously provided by user Erg on this forum. The command works in BG2 and BG2EE (tested it myself). It makes it as if the Harpers plot never happened (so Jaheira never "turned her back on her own people") but also prevents it from starting again. Jaheira will return to just outside the Galvarey Estate if you dismiss her after entering those two commands.

  • FrdNwsmFrdNwsm Member Posts: 1,069
    For the moment, I am going to live with it. She's quite a powerful party member, actually. I was going to replace her with Dorn, but I can keep her and bump Korgan for Dorn instead. I do like the "reform while she is in an empty building" ploy, however. Nice and sneaky, an end run ruse befitting an evil party.

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