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Durlags Tower - Bug entering Chess-game-area?


I have killed Everything in Durlag's Tower, level 3. All the various elemental-rooms. However, I should be teleported to the chess game area. I am not.

Does anyone know what to do next? When I read on around on the forums it seems that the area is bugged alltogether? :(

Thanks in advance!


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 3,942
    i dont know how far back your save is, but i always do the elemental rooms in a certain order:

    cold room first ( kill all the baddies, nothing special to be done here )

    next is the acid room, i will bring down the fission slime to near death with a melee guy, then finish it off with a fireball ( only ever fighting 1 slime )

    air room has the baby wyvern and 3 inivisible stalkers, make sure to slay all the enemies ( perhaps one of them is still present in your game? )

    and then i always finish the fire room last, there will be a knight and an archer, and usually by this time all i have to do is kill the one knight and then i get teleported away

    did you try going back into the rooms and see if there is anyone left over? perhaps there is another fission slime in the corner? or perhaps there is still another invisible stalker still invisible? what about the fire room?

  • MWOMWO Member Posts: 153
    Hello sarevok57!

    Of course I have tried everything out, e.g. checking all the rooms thoroughly. However, I resorted to the one solution here, since I can swear the game has a glitch or is bugged (as many other features).

    I "cluaconsoled" my way into the chessroom. Tip for others with the same problem.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 3,942
    well, at least im glad to hear that you were able to continue on :)

  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 2,138
    If you are using SCS, it's a known issue.

    I always have to CC into the chess room.
    (which does have the advantage of allowing you to be rested and fully prepared. Which with SCS and "that fight" is a big advantage)

    Here's what you need to enter as the question comes up quite frequently.


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