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Multiplayer Alignment and Reputation

My friend and I were going to try to do a multiplayer session of BG:EE, and I was wondering how reputation would be affected if we played characters of opposite alignments?

For example:
If my friend hosts the game as the Charname and plays a chaotic evil Blackguard [or whatever] and I play a Lawful Good Paladin, will this affect either one of us? Could I become a "fallen paladin" and lose my abilities if my friend does something evil?

Thanks in advance!


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 3,942
    if your alignment falls below 7 ( for a paladin or ranger ) then you will become fallen

    and i just tested with a black guard and hit 18 reputation and he didnt become fallen ( so im assuming a black guard cannot fall )

    so if you are going to play a team with a black guard and a paladin, keep that reputation high, because the black guard will not fall, but if your reputation gets low, then your paladin will

  • SenorSuave69SenorSuave69 Member Posts: 3
    Okay awesome - but, if in a dialogue situation, my friend picks the "evil" option causing him to lose reputation, would I also lose reputation as the "tag along" player? Or do his actions not affect my reputation? (Sorry this is very esoteric)

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 3,942
    the reputation counts for all party members, it is a pool based off the party, so if the party reputation is 14 that applies to everyone

    so if your REP is going to go down just make sure it does not go below 7 and you will be fine, there are lots of things to increase REP through out the game, and not so many that decrease it by a point or two

    usually the only way to lose REP is killing innocents aka anyone tagged "innocent" or "flaming fist"( which will usually make your score go down by half )

    getting caught stealing from the flaming fist will make it go down by one

    having viconia or dorn join the party will make it go down by 2

    killing the paladin guy in the inn just south of the flaming fist compound will make it go down by 3

    do the "evil" side of the arenea quest ( i think that is her name ) will make it go down by 1 for every time you pick up the 500 gold

    so as i said, keep it at 7 or higher, and you should be fine, REP doesnt effect the blackguard, so even if your REP hits 20 you will be good

    also if your REP isnt too hot and you are running out of REP increasing scenarios you can always donate to a temple to get it back up ( the game manuals have the prices required for the next point up, and you can only go one point at a time remember )

  • SenorSuave69SenorSuave69 Member Posts: 3
    PERFECT! thank you so much, sarevok57!

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