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An interesting situation

FrdNwsmFrdNwsm Member Posts: 1,069
Remember the Umar Temple scenario? You need to grab some artifacts to progress and defeat the Shade Lord. Among them was a sunstone. Initially it is situated atop a pillar, from which you can grab it. Now, my thief here was Hexxat; I had her scouting ahead for traps, and so she was the one to encounter the pillar and grab the sunstone.

WHAM! Hexxat was unable to move ... her stats were drained and her strength was now 4, so she was ovrloaded ... and the sunstone was nowhere to be seen. Mutual destruction? Matter meets anti-matter? I reloaded and made sure MyChar was the one to grab the stone; that worked.

This rather makes me wonder if perhaps, as a vampire, she cannot in fact touch such a holy object. That would actually sort of make sense. Considering the fact that the gem, while in place, was destroying the undead wolves immediately, I guess she wasn't the best choice for the one to get it. ;)

This is probably a fairly rare occurrence; I suspect that not many folks use Hexxat on the Umar Temple run.

Moral: Keep your friendly vampires away from holy objects.



  • FrdNwsmFrdNwsm Member Posts: 1,069
    edited September 2018
    Hmm, I went over the scenario several times. Looks like there is a bug in it. It doesn't matter WHICH character grabs the sun gem from the pillar, it vanishes as soon as the party leaves the room, unless I stick it in a gem bag first.

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