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Are there ways to manually or script cast-shoot-move-shoot-move-melee etc?

I think I've read that it is possible to have a character cast a spell and then once it is cast, have them attack the same round. I'm curious if there are other "combos" that can be done? For example, have a character cast a spell, then make a ranged attack, then move a bit closer to the enemy, then make another ranged attack, then move the rest of the way, then switch to melee attack? And is this sort of thing something that must be done manually, or will scripts do it, or can I do it by mixing manual control with a script (such as letting the script do the spell and ranged attack and I keep manually moving the character in-between those actions)?


  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 468
    There may be some custom scripts available that either cover what you want already or will give you a basis to make your own. I know SCS scripts are more advanced than standard ones, but i usually play solo and don't rely on them so can't say if they will do what you want. SCS archers will run away to get range when attacked, then stop and fire if you give them space, or switch to melee if you keep following, so i suspect it could be done.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 1,572
    edited September 12
    scripts lack the finesse needed to the task.
    maybe if you script your own ones, but i am not really sure that the thing can be done with the limits the scripting language has.


    each 6 sec round is divided in 10 parts lasting 0.6 sec
    in each round you can do 3 kind of things:
    1 magical attack. this include casting spells, using scrolls, potions or special effects from items or weapons, like summoning kittix, but also using an hla. only improved alacrity let you do more then 1 magical action in a round, and only spells from the spellbook and hla activation can be used (a FM under IA can cast some spells, activate GWW and Hardiness in the same round, a M/T can scribe many scrolls or set many spike traps in the same round).

    physical attacks, mlee or ranged, the number is determined by the APR or set to 10 by WW and GWW.
    haste spells or +1APR weapons can affect the number obviously. the attacks are done at the weapon speed factor, modified by weapon proficiency but afaik even if the weapon speed don't allow to complete the APR in the round ( like a sword with speed 6 and 2 APR that needs 12/10 of round all the supposed attacks are performed.

    moving around, in every 1/10 of round the character can move a certain distance, depending on his natural speed eventually modified by haste, slow or encumbered effects.

    lets make a couple of examples.
    a mage cast a fireball, speed factor 3, then attacks with sling of everard, s.f. 0. he has consumed 3/10 of round so can move for 7/10 of round (4.2 sec) before the next round begins and he can cast again.

    the same mage cast a melf magic arrow, s.f. 2, attacks with a mundane sling, s.f. 6. he has consumed 8/10 of round and can move only 2/10.

    how to use this? the best way i know is turning on autopause at end of round and at spell cast. the rounds are individual, not party based. also the fake attacks must be disabled so you can see on screen only the true ones.
    at the beginning of each round you order to cast and unpause, when the cast is complete the pause kicks in and you order the physical attack and unpause. as soon as you see the bullet leaving the sling (or the staff bashing the enemy) you order the character to move, there is not autopause here. for characters with more then 1 apr, mage hasted or using dart, characters that are also fighter, DW, use of +1 apr weapon, you have to know their APR and count their attacks before order to move.
    when the end of round pause kicks in you start again the process.

    at the beginning it seems to be complicated and annoying with all those pauses, especially if you run 6 people parties (sadly we can not customize the pauses for each character), but you get used to it quickly, when a fighter ends his round you press space immediately, when a caster sets the pause you give the right order and unpause. also for fighters it can be useful, if he must heal with potion you wait the pause drink the potion, unpause and as soon as he is healed attack again. or if he is doing ranged attacks you count them and when the apr is reached you use the time left to relocate.

    you will also develop the habit to pause right before each major battle and turn on the autopauses, with minor foe the whole thing is only overkill, and as soon as the battle is ended you turn off the pauses so you don't have the autopause kick in while you are only moving or your thief is doing his trap detecting and lock/trap disabling.
    i have also the autopause on enemy killed always on, this does not need to be disabled as is not annoying in not combat situations but very useful to avoid to have a toon idle without noticing it. be aware that if more toons are attacking an enemy you have the autopause kick in only for the toon that gets the kill but you must order to all the toons that was attacking that foe to do something other.
    to turn off and on the autopauses is only few mouse clicks.
    doing this is quite an intensive micromanaging, but if you aim at maxed efficiency, every toon using his time at the best while doing the most useful things is my way to go.
    i use it intensively with my preferred 3-4 people parties, a 6 people one needs it only in the hardest battles and as it can save you some reloads as you use the toons at the best and are forced to be aware of what each one is doing in the end i find it more fast than fight without and reload more.
    it turns gaming more into a chess game then into a point and klick thing.

    if you use this method the ai must be disabled or if enabled you must have the script of each toon you want to micromanage set to "no script".

    hope it helps and if someone knows a better method i am glad to learn it from him.

  • Tks for your answer bro... have a nice day cheers :hushed:

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