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It Lurks Below

jjstraka34jjstraka34 Member Posts: 8,914
So here is an interesting little game. As many people may know, the primary driving forces behind the first two Diablo games were the brothers Max and Erich Schaefer and David Brevik. After Blizzard North disbanded, the Schaefer brothers went on to found Runic Games, and made the well-received Torchlight 1 and 2 and the underrated (but commercial flop) puzzle platformer Hob, shortly after which the studio disbanded.

Brevik on the other hand went on the make Hellgate: London and was in charge of Marvel Heroes for years. However, he seems to have found himself at a point in his life where he is financially stable thanks to his years in the industry, and has undertaken the task of creating a one-man indie game called "It Lurks Below".

The only real way to describe this is that it is a mix of Diablo 1 and Starbound or Terraria. I am not a huge fan of the crafting genre, but for whatever reason, this game has JUST enough of it to make it engaging. The game is 25% that genre and 75% a 2D side-scrolling version of the ARPG genre. And it is a mixture that gets it just right. The game is still in Early Access but is nearing completion by the end of the year, and Brevik himself engages directly with people who have purchased the game, and seems to be updating it with new features multiple times a week. It is $20, but it's clear to see that he is working his ass off on this thing. I was hesitant when I first heard about it, but it really is a good mix that deserves a look for fans of either the sandbox crafting or ARPG genre. I especially recommend it for those who are turned off by the crafting aspect in the games more focused on that, as it isn't overwhelming.



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